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The Collection 7 Portes de Receptaris Històrics de Cuina Catalana

The 7 volumes published to date are the basis of the project of the study and dissemination of the history of Catalan cuisine, which aims to help spread the search for the roots of Catalan gastronomic culture and make it available to all.

Book of Sent Soví

The first volume of the "Col·lecció 7 Portes de Receptaris Històrics de Cuina Catalana", a recipe book from the middle of the 14th century, the oldest preserved in Catalan.

Book of cooking food

Compiled in the middle of the 14th century, this is the second volume of the "Col-lecció 7 Portes de Receptaris Històrics de Cuina Catalana" and the most extensive mediaeval recipe book ever brought to light.

Llibre de totes maneres de potatges (Book of all kinds of potatges)

This work, dated at the beginning of the 15th century, is the third great recipe book of Catalan cuisine of the Middle Ages and a hitherto unpublished book.

Llibre del Coc

The Llibre del coc is the first gastronomic book printed in the Iberian Peninsula, dated at the beginning of the 16th century, putting an end to the medieval recipe books of the "Col·lecció 7 Portes de Receptaris Històrics de Cuina Catalana".

La cuina dels cartoixans. Costumaris d'Escaladei and Montalegre

The fifth volume of the Collection contains the first recipe books of the modern period, when food from America, such as tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers, arrived in Catalonia for the first time.

Avisos i instruccions per lo principiant cuiner

The sixth volume of the Collection of the mid-eighteenth century and has the will to explain how the food of the Franciscan communities in modern times was.

Art de la cuina

Art de la cuina is the first recipe book of the Balearic Islands of which it is known. It gathers the most ancient roots of the gastronomy of the Menorcan popular classes.

Book of the 7 Portes rice dishes and other rice dishes

Written by Mr. Josep Lladonosa Giró, National prize of gastronomy and who was the chef of the 7 Portes for 20 years, the "Libro de los Arroces del 7 Portes y otros arroces" -contains 90 recipes- shows the richness and diversity of rice.

"Amics i personatges" (Friends and characters)

Book written by Màrius Carol and accompanied by the watercolours of Perico Pastor, reviews some of the most relevant visits in the 7 Portes, from Josep Pla to Woody Allen, through John Wayne, Ava Gardner or Maria Callas.

Cava Brut 7 Portes

Originally from Penedès, it is a Cava with fine bubbles and citrus notes, light and very refreshing.

White wine 7 Portes

Young white wine, originally from the DO Catalunya, made with white Garnatxa and Macabeo, with notes of apple and citrus.

Rosé wine 7 Portes

Young rosé wine, originally from the DO Penedès, made with Garnatxa and hare's eye.

Black wine 7 Portes

Black wine from the DO Terra Alta, made with black Grenache and Syrah, with a very fresh acidity leaving a long and frank finish.

7 Portes Arbequina extra virgin olive oil

The label for this olive oil is designed by Milton Glaser, the creator of the "I love NY" Milton Glaser, logo and a friend of 7 Portes, who has also designed labels for the restaurant’s wines and cava.

7 Portes Bag

Always carry the 7 Portes with you with our fabric bag with handles.

CD 7 Portes 7 Notes

In "7 Portes, 7 Notes" you can find some of the most applauded interpretations of the 7 Portes performed by its pianist, Manel Barea, by highly demanding and prestigious musicians.