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The Collection 7 Portes de Receptaris Històrics de Cuina Catalana

The 9 volumes published to date are the basis of the project of the study and dissemination of the history of Catalan cuisine, which aims to help spread the search for the roots of Catalan gastronomic culture and make it available to all.

Modo de cuinar a la mallorquina

This volume is a culinary gem that presents a collection of recipes compiled by Friar Augustine Jaume Martí Oliver (1712-1788), one of the seminal works of late 18th-century Mallorcan culinary literature. This work represents one of the most representative gatherings of culinary compilations of the time, being the first collection of Mallorcan cuisine of its kind.

Book of Sent Soví

The Book of Sent Soví is the oldest preserved recipe book in the Catalan language. It is therefore located right at the beginning of the country's culinary tradition, and there are already certain constants that have reached this day. Its influence can be seen in the rest of medieval and even later cookbooks.

Book of cooking food

The "Llibre d'aparellar de menjar" is an extensive cookbook, written and compiled around the middle of the 14th century. This is a recipe that, until now, had remained inaccessible to the general public.

Llibre de totes maneres de potatges (Book of all kinds of potatges)

The Llibre de totes maneres de potages is, after the Llibre de Sent Soví and the Llibre d'aparellar de menjar, the third great cookbook in the Catalan language of the Middle Ages. Like the other two, it has been preserved in a single manuscript and is anonymous. The work consists of more than two hundred chapters on a wide variety of dishes and cooking tips.

Llibre del Coc

In 1520, the Llibre del coc appeared in the city of Barcelona, ​​the first cookbook printed in the Iberian Peninsula. It was written in Catalan. Until then, cookbooks had circulated only in handwritten form. The work is attributed to Master Robert, cook to King Ferdinand of Naples.

Avisos i instruccions per lo principiant cuiner

In the Franciscan convents, the position of cook fell to one of its members, who had to prepare them to feed the community as a whole. It is not surprising, then, that we have preserved up to eleven handwritten copies, some incomplete, of the Notices and instructions for the novice cook. It is an anonymous, quite extensive cookbook, written in the middle of the 18th century. Some of the copies are from the beginning of the 19th century, which highlights the usefulness and validity of the book.

La cuina dels cartoixans. Costumaris d'Escaladei and Montalegre

The fifth volume of the Collection contains the first recipe books of the modern period, when food from America, such as tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers, arrived in Catalonia for the first time. As it is the first volume corresponding to the modern era, it contains an extraordinary study on the new American foods in Catalan cuisine.

Art de la cuina

The cookbooks that have been preserved in Catalan from the 17th to the beginning of the 19th centuries are mainly convent recipe books, linked to ecclesiastical orders. Around the years 1731-1734, brother Francesc Roger (1706-1764/7) held the position of cook at the convent of Sant Francesc de Ciutadella. The result of this dedication is the“Art de la cuina”, preserved in a single manuscript, intended for practical use in front of the stove.

La cuina dels carmelites descalços

Book 8 of the Collection contains the recipe book known as Brief and useful instruction for beginner cooks according to the style of the Discalced Carmelites, by Francesc del Santíssimo Sagrament (Reus, 1753-Mataró, 1824), cook of the convent of Sant Josep de Barcelona, ​​located where the Mercat de Sant Josep, la Boqueria, is currently located.

Book of the 7 Portes rice dishes and other rice dishes

Written by Mr. Josep Lladonosa Giró, National prize of gastronomy and who was the chef of the 7 Portes for 20 years, the "Libro de los Arroces del 7 Portes y otros arroces" -contains 90 recipes- shows the richness and diversity of rice.

Book available in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

"Amics i personatges" (Friends and characters)

Book written by Màrius Carol and accompanied by the watercolours of Perico Pastor, reviews some of the most relevant visits in the 7 Portes, from Josep Pla to Woody Allen, through John Wayne, Ava Gardner or Maria Callas.

Little story of the Restaurant Les 7 Portes

This book, with illustrations by the great Pilarín Bayés, tells the story of 7 Portes from its opening in 1836 to the present day, gathering curiosities about the building and anecdotes from the characters who have visited it, showcasing how it has become a living history of the city of Barcelona.

7 Portes Cannelloni, 8 units

The classic cannelloni from 7 Portes that cannot be missing from your table in your family gatherings and celebrations.

Cannelloni with truffle, 8 units

Our cannelloni with a touch of truffle make them irresistible.

Black wine 7 Portes Furvus limited edition

Red wine, originally from DO Montsant, made from 80% Peluda Grenache and 20% Merlot. Label designed by the author of the I love NY logo, Milton Glaser, a friend of the house, adds to his previous label designs for the restaurant's wines and cava, the oil label.

Cava Brut Rosé 7 Portes

Originally from Penedès, it is a Cava with fine bubbles and an intense aroma of red fruits. It has a fruity, fresh, smooth, and highly elegant taste.

Cava Brut 7 Portes

Originally from Penedès, it is a Cava with fine bubbles and citrus notes, light and very refreshing.

White wine 7 Portes

White young wine, originating from the DO Catalunya, crafted with Xarel-lo, Macabeo, and Parellada grapes. It is a pleasant wine with intense aromas and highly fruity and floral characteristics.

Rosé wine 7 Portes

Young rosé wine, originating from the DO Terra Alta, made with red Grenache, with an intense aroma, showcasing notes of red fruits complemented by floral undertones.

Black wine 7 Portes

Black wine from the DO Penedes, made withTempranillo and Merlot, with a very fresh acidity leaving a long and frank finish.

7 Portes Arbequina extra virgin olive oil

7 Portes extra virgin olive oil has a light fruity flavor with citrus and sweet notes.

Tote Bag 7 Portes

Always carry the 7 Portes with you with our fabric bag with handles.

CD 7 Portes 7 Notes

In "7 Portes, 7 Notes" you can find some of the most applauded interpretations of the 7 Portes performed by its pianist, Manel Barea, by highly demanding and prestigious musicians.