La cuina dels cartoixans. Costumaris d'Escaladei and Montalegre
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La cuina dels cartoixans. Costumaris d'Escaladei and Montalegre
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Volume number 5 of the successful collection of historical recipes of Catalan cuisine, Set Portes.It contains the first recipes of the modern era, when foods from America, such as tomatoes, potatoes and peppers, first arrived in Catalonia. From this moment on, Catalan cuisine will take a turn forever.The book presents two different manuscripts: the Escaladei Kitchen Book, and the Book very suitable for the government of the Montalegre Carthusian. The first, due to its culinary content and its characteristics, we must consider it representative of the cuisine prepared in the monastery during the second half of the sixteenth century, a representativeness that will remain until the first years of the following. On the other hand, the content of Montalegre's manuscript reflects the culinary practice of the last decades of the 17th century and which was still practiced in the second decade of the 18th century. This sequence allows us to observe a slow dynamic of change in food systems with significant new products and preparations.As with the rest of the titles in the collection, the manuscripts are accompanied by the corresponding historical, philological and gastronomic studies, curated by Maria A. Pérez Samper, Jordi Bages, Jaume Dantí, Marc Sogues and the Alícia Foundation.In addition, as it is the first volume corresponding to the modern era, it contains an extraordinary study on the new American foods in Catalan cuisine.

Book available in Catalan.

Also available in ebook format.