7 Portes

Gastronomic excellence

187 years serving our customers

The 7 Portes Restaurant is also the story of a great team of professionals who, throughout our history, have placed the vocation of customer service and gastronomic excellence at the center of all their decisions, in a professional manner.

Our team

The hands that work near the stove, those that serve the dishes, those that fill the glass of wine, those that make the restaurant shine, those that take care of all the management, all of them work together, forming a great team.

Francesc Solé Parellada
General Manager
Susana Sánchez
Deputy Director and Operations
Elena Alvira
Head of Kitchen
Jaime Pérez Sicília
Head of Room
Óscar Navarro
Economic Management
Silvia González
Marketing & Communications Director
Sandra Villaescusa
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