Modo de cuinar a la mallorquina
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Modo de cuinar a la mallorquina
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This volume is a culinary gem that presents a collection of recipes compiled by the Augustinian Friar Jaume Martí Oliver (1712-1788), one of the main works of Mallorcan culinary literature from the late eighteenth century. This work represents one of the most representative compilations of culinary collections of the time, being the first compilation of Mallorcan cuisine of its kind.

Available in Catalan.

This recipe book marks a significant change in the culinary landscape of Mallorca, as before its publication, cooks in the region relied almost exclusively on external culinary works. However, the work of Friar Martí Oliver introduces a complete repertoire of native recipes, which have been passed down through generations.

With one hundred and sixty-eight recipes; of which one hundred and thirty-nine were compiled by the Mallorcan religious friar Martí and can be dated, with all certainty, before 1785, because it is the date of his death; this text also incorporates twenty-nine anonymous recipes.

This new volume of "The Collection of Historical Recipes of Catalan Cuisine" offers readers a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy authentic Mallorcan recipes, transmitted over the centuries and preserved in this fascinating cookbook.

Book available in Catalan.