Llibre de totes maneres de potatges (Book of all kinds of potatges)
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Llibre de totes maneres de potatges (Book of all kinds of potatges)
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The "Llibre de totes maneres de potages" is, after the "Llibre de Sent Soví" and the "Llibre d'aparellar de menjar", the third great cookbook in the Catalan language of the Middle Ages. Like the other two, it has been preserved in a single manuscript and is anonymous. The work consists of more than two hundred chapters on a wide variety of dishes and cooking tips. We can read there how to prepare all kinds of meat, game and poultry, how to make the accompanying sauces or how to prepare the dishes we call “spoon”; at the end of the book there is an extensive section dedicated to fish and Lenten dishes. The number of medieval cookbooks preserved in Catalan - in addition to the three mentioned, the Llibre del coc must be added - shows the importance that the art of cooking acquired in the medieval autumn in the speaking territories Catalan This recipe from the 14th century has so far remained unpublished. Cuisine is part of a country's culture. Catalan gastronomy, currently in a splendid moment, sinks its roots in a tradition that starts from the Middle Ages. The Seven Doors collection of Historical Recipes of Catalan Cuisine proposes a long journey through the evolution, transformations and continuities of Catalan cuisine through its most significant recipes. The analysis of these texts gives us a perspective on the evolution of society and clarifies the origin of some of our culinary customs. To facilitate access to the text, the medieval version with an adaptation to modern Catalan is offered. The studies on the economic, historical and culinary environment that accompany it promote a better understanding of the period and of the recipe itself. fish and Lenten dishes.

Available in Catalan.

Also available in ebook format.