Recurso 1

With 183 years behind it, this establishment has hosted many cultural and artistic activities. Our walls have been and are witness to the voices and opinions of people from different areas. Talks on a wide range of topics are always welcome in the restaurant.

We continue to celebrate the main local fiestas, and contribute in this way to passing on traditions, particularly culinary ones. Notably, we have created the 7 Portes Collection of Historic Recipe Books of Catalan Cuisine, to study and publish the most significant recipes in Catalonia’s cuisine from the fourteenth to the twenty-first century.

With this motivation and commitment, we are pleased to present the Seventh Season of Sopars Lírics at 7 Portes, an activity to promote opera and showcase young opera singers, some of whom have received awards and the recognition of both public and critics.

This season, Roger Alier and Jordi Maddaleno are collaborating with us and providing expert advice.


Helena Ressureição, mezzo
30th November 2018
Lluís Calvet, baritone
24th January 2019
Especial Sopar nº50
22nd March 2019
Elionor Martínez, soprano
16th May 2019
Mireia Tarragó, soprano
28th June 2019