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5 books pack from the “Col·lecció Receptaris Històrics”


Enjoy the five volumes that complete the collection of “7 Portes Receptaris Històrics de la Cuina Catalana”. The first volume, “El  Llibre de Sent Soví”, is the oldest recipe book preserved in catalan language and is located at the beginning of the country’s culinary tradition. The second volume, “Llibre d’Aparellar de Menjar” is based in recipes from the mid-fourteenth century, many of them representative of the tastes of the well-to-do middle class. Finally, the third and fourth volume, “El llibre de Totes Maneres de Potatges”, “El Llibre del Coc” and “Art de la cuina” consecutively, culminate the collection of medieval catalan recipes. With this pack you will make a complete tour of the oldest catalan gastronomic traditions.


Available in Catalan.

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El llibre dels ArrossosEl libro de los Arroces

The book of Paellas


The history of the 7 Portes Restaurant and its paella recipes.

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Tasta’m Box


Invitation for lunch or an evening meal for two in 7 PORTES.