Model of the restoration in Barcelona, the emblematic restaurant 7 Portes offers a wide tour through the traditional cuisine. 184 years of history give support to an adult, natural, generous updated cuisine. It is a cuisine based on the products of the country, without resigning the contributions of the international cuisine.

In the menu of 7 Portes you can find our famous rices and paellas, fresh and popular salads, appetizers, the traditional cannelloni, casserole cuisine and dishes “on the verge of extinction”, roasts with the traditional hash and tartars.

The menu is always accompanied by a selection of innovative suggestions dishes to taste and to discover, done with market and seasonal products.

Our menu gathers a wide recipe book, which it has evolved throughout the time. Presuming of 184 years of experience is equivalent to say that we have been capable of adapting and that we have adjusted our offer of agreement with the tastes of generations and generations of clients.

In 7 Portes you can find modern dishes and dishes that you will not find almost anywhere, which results delightful for the gourmands and the gourmets. Big festive plates and casseroles to share, that go from the paella Parellada and the seafood casserole to plates created for the restaurant and that have turned in classic such as the cod “of the Sra. Carme”, or the monkfish “barquera”, up to current and light meals. We do not stop here and continue creating new dishes with the aim of renovation that allows us to affirm that we are a restaurant more alive than ever.

We invite you to leave us surprise you by our made-home desserts, elaborated by our confectioners in the workroom of the restaurant. All that accompanied of a wide selection of wines; our wine list is thought to help the client to choose the most appropriate wine, and our wine expert manager is always focused on the innovations and the qualities that the market offers.

If you want to discover our cuisine in detail, do not hesitate to contact us. Moreover, if you would like to enjoy it, we recommend you to visit us or you make a reservation. Our kitchen and our tables are at your disposal.