Private rooms

Our private rooms cater to parties of different sizes, and can be chosen and combined to meet the needs of each client and type of event.

As each event is unique, we treat every booking as a special, completely individual project.

We draw on our expertise and extensive experience in Barcelona’s cuisine to create the most suitable proposal for you.



Rosa – Verd

Up to 4 persons

Ignasi Domènech

Up to 8 persons

Néstor Lujan

Up to 18 persons


Up to 36 persons

Ca la Sila

Up to 55 persons

Robert de Nola

Up to 80 persons

The Ca la Sila and Bellver rooms usually available a la carte service and are open to all customers, but, by appointment, can be converted to private rooms.



The Room Robert de Nola offers us 5 montage options:

  • Imperial: 32 persons
  • U form: 35 persons
  • Square: 40 persons
  • Square tables: 64 persons
  • Rows: 85 persons

The room is equipped with microphone, projection screen and projector.